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PaperHelp is an online writing service that can produce academic papers for various purposes. The site helps students who require assistance with their projects. The company says it has served more than 100,000 students, so we figured we’d prepare a PaperHelp review to see if this service is worthwhile or if there’s something off about this website.


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  • Wide range of services
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  • Lack of fixed pricing

Is PaperHelp Reliable?

We started our analysis like many other PaperHelp reviews out there, as we wanted first to see if PaperHelp is a legal company. We found that PaperHelp is an authentic group, as it has been in operation since 2008.

PaperHelp operates out of Duluth, although its billing address and registration are in Bulgaria. The group has a website that has been updated multiple times, although our review of its domain found it was last updated in 2019. We struggled to find any social media sites for PaperHelp, so we were suspicious at first.

But one highlight of PaperHelp’s services on its website entails how it doesn’t use ChatGPT or other AI programs. Given how ChatGPT was introduced in 2022, it’s safe to say the website has been updated more often than it appears.

According to the PaperHelp website, the company has completed over 800,000 samples for more than 100,000 students since its formation. These are reasonable figures for a website that has been offering services for a while. But how many writers would they have? It’s tough to figure how many people really use this service and if more of them are repeat customers. 

We also figure that if students use the service many times, there must be lots of highly satisfied users willing to employ it once more. We did find some positive reviews from others about PaperHelp’s services and how well they work for students. We’ll talk about those user comments later in this PaperHelp review.

What Services Does PaperHelp Provide?

PaperHelp offers various services for students who need assistance with their academic paper projects. Our check on Paper Help found that the company can produce papers for many subjects, including physical and social sciences, English, history, literature, and more.

Some of the things PaperHelp can complete include:

  • Term papers
  • Thesis statements
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Book reports
  • Lab reports
  • Personal statements or admission essays

The website also offers editing and proofreading services for already-written papers. You can also contact customer support for help managing calculations for technical problems.

User Experience

How Well Does the Site Work?

We tested PaperHelp by completing an order for a paper on what the ideal family can be. We had to navigate through the website to get there first. It wasn’t tough for us to get through, as we found the starting part of the ordering process at the very top of the main page.

The site also has a page that lists details on what we could expect to spend on services. There’s also another spot listing the extensive process the company uses to hire writers.

How Do You Order a Paper?

PaperHelp was very responsive in helping us get an order ready. We did not have any delays or issues with getting our ideal family test order ready.

Here are the steps we used to complete our order:

  1. We started by clicking the Order Now button on the top-right part of the screen.

A screenshot of a computer

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  1. We then stated what paper type we wanted.

The site provides segments surrounding the grade level for the paper, the type of paper to be completed, and how many words or pages are necessary. We could also set the deadline for the project by the hour.

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  1. We also provided more specific instructions on the project.

Writers can specify how many sources and images are necessary for a project. There’s also the option to choose a more experienced writer here, although that costs extra. We could also list what paper format we wanted and request a plagiarism report. Writers can complete Turnitin reports, although those cost extra versus a standard check.

The service also lets users provide more specific instructions to their writers. While we didn’t come up with any ourselves, we found that this point could be convenient for cases where a writer has to use very specific references or resources for the project. Clients can also add files of up to 20 MB in size as necessary. These points are very helpful, as providing a writer with as many details on a project as possible is ideal for completing the work.

  1. The site then asked us for our payment info.

The website allows users to pay for services by card or other measures. Repeat users can also pay with bonus funds they earn from prior purchases. This bonus offer is something that encourages students to come back to PaperHelp the next time they require assistance.

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The service also provides full details on what it will cost to complete the project before ordering. This point about PaperHelp makes it feel more trustworthy, as the site never hides charges or fees.

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  1. PaperHelp gave us an order confirmation message after we finished our order.

We also got an order number, so it was easy for us to track our project.

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  1. The website also lets us know what we can do with our project.

PaperHelp provides users with details on what they can do after a paper is complete, how long they have to get revisions, and even what bonuses they will receive for future orders.

Who Writes These Papers For PaperHelp?

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We were curious about whether the writers at PaperHelp were real and not a bunch of fake accounts. We found in our analysis that PaperHelp’s writers are knowledgeable about their topics.

PaperHelp lets users search for writers based on their topics of expertise and performance levels. A client can choose what topics a paper is on and what writing level one wishes to hire, and PaperHelp will send the project out to available writers who can complete the work.

There was one concern, as we weren’t able to specify writers on the first order. While we can send out an order, you’d have to be a repeat customer to hire a specific person. Although we figure that anyone who likes someone’s writing will be willing to hire that writer a second time.

You can also communicate with your writer during the project by going to your control panel page and sending a message to that person. We did this with our writer and got a response in a few hours.

In our research, we found the following claims made by PaperHelp concerning its writers:

  • The writers come from the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • Nearly 90 percent of these writers are native speakers.
  • All writers here have a college degree. Some of them have PhD degrees.
  • All writers are also subject to various tests before they can start working at PaperHelp. They will go through grammatical and writing tests, plus their credentials will be analyzed before they can start.
  • More experienced writers with better ratings typically get paid more than others, which encourages authors to be proactive in creating top-quality projects.

How Good Is the Work?

(a sample image of our order)

Our test paper on the ideal family turned out to be well-organized and produced. Our writer was clear and direct in writing about the topic. We didn’t notice any heavily repeated words, plus the in-text citations were well-placed and listed.

(another part of our order)

Our writer also did plenty of research on the project. It’s clear the writers at PaperHelp have access to academic databases and other resources that can help produce quality projects.

What About Revisions?

PaperHelp lets us request unlimited revisions after our writer finishes the initial project. We could provide specific details on what we required, which helped ensure the work would get to where we wanted it to be. 

Plagiarism Analysis

The plagiarism analysis tool PaperHelp uses is helpful, and the group also offers Turnitin reviews. Turnitin is a more advanced plagiarism analysis tool, as it reviews more academic works and projects from various schools. The platform also helps identify if a writer uses ChatGPT or other AI-based tools. A Turnitin analysis will help, but it does cost extra to use this service.

Deadline Support

Our writer was very responsive in getting our project out. Since PaperHelp is prompt in getting orders out to writers, we didn’t have to wait very long to get a response. It was easy for us to get our work done without worrying about whether someone would meet the deadline we established.

Support Service

The PaperHelp customer service department is available twenty-four hours a day through many measures. We found these customer service measures to be beneficial:

  • The site offers an instant chat feature where you can communicate with someone from the website. We tested this feature, and it proved to work well.
  • There are separate American and British toll-free numbers available for calls. We tried one of these numbers, and the person on the other end was direct in responding to us.
  • There are also email addresses for general questions and for providing suggestions or issuing complaints.

Costs and Discounts

The next part of our PaperHelp review involves looking at the costs associated with the work. PaperHelp sets its prices based on these factors:

  • Grade level
  • The general length of the project
  • The deadline, including how many days or hours something needs to be done by
  • The writer’s category
  • Any additional extras one wishes to order.

Undergraduate-level papers typically cost $15 per page, whereas graduate- and professional-level projects may be priced at $25 per page or more.

The website also offers various services that cost extra, including adding a citation page, a plagiarism report, and the option to hire a preferred writer.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $18 to $30 per page on your project. The total can add up if you keep including various services and other points, and the value is slightly higher than the $15 to $25 per page you’d spend through most services.

Are There Discounts?

PaperHelp offers a one-time discount through an email offer where you can get a 5% discount on a paper plus 10% in credits for future orders. But this is only good for your first order, and the order must also be $30 or more. A promo code may also be necessary, but PaperHelp always lists its codes on its website.

What Is the Bonus Offer?

Customers will receive bonus funds after ordering a paper from PaperHelp. The value of those funds will vary, but they can work for future orders on the site. We figure this feature is part of why the site keeps bringing in so many repeat clients.

What Is the Referral Program?

(image from

PaperHelp also has a referral program where customers can refer PaperHelp’s services to others. The original customer can receive a reward for discounts on future services when they refer more people.

What is the Money-Back Guarantee?

The money back guarantee program ensures that PaperHelp won’t be a scam. You can get a refund on your order within seven days after completion in cases where you aren’t satisfied with your project. The platform lets you request a refund during that timeframe. This point helps us feel that PaperHelp is a legit group.

What Are People Saying on the Web?

We checked some other PaperHelp customer reviews people have been leaving online. Our analysis found that customers are very happy with how the service works.

(image from

PaperHelp has a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating on Sitejabber. Clients are happy with how PaperHelp completes projects on time while providing regular communication with clients.

(image from

Reviews on Trustpilot aren’t as generous, as reviewers give the service a 2.9-star rating. Clients say the writers at Trustpilot do well in following instructions, but some claim that the writers are often late or might not understand English well.

People on Reddit have also expressed their feelings about Paper Help, with many stating that writers are thorough in completing their projects. But some feel that writers aren’t always ready to write at specific grade levels.

We weren’t able to find details on PaperHelp on LinkedIn. Then again, that generic-sounding name makes it tough for us to find points on the service there.

Pros and Cons


  • The control panel for our project was easy to review. We could communicate with our writer quite well.
  • Users can quickly hire the same writer for a second project as necessary. The website saves the customer’s data well and keeps it private.
  • Writers are thorough in completing citations and adhering to academic formats.
  • It didn’t take long for us to get a response from the customer service team when we asked for help.


  • All those extras can add up after a while, making the service even more expensive.
  • The fact that 10% of those writers aren’t native speakers is a concern to us.
  • It takes a while to get some of the best rewards for using this site.

Our Verdict

We found PaperHelp to be a useful and convenient option for handling paper projects. Our experience with the writers at PaperHelp was positive, and the process of how the service works show that it is a safe option.

We acknowledge that the cost of using the service can increase after a while, what with there being so many add-ons available. But the bonus funds feature here was useful for future orders, and we can see from this why the site has so many repeat clients. We feel that Paper Help will be convenient for students who require additional help with their writing projects.

Is PaperHelp legit to use?
PaperHelp provides a legitimate service where students can hire writers to complete various projects.
Is PaperHelp legal?
PaperHelp is a legal company with a physical address and multiple contact methods. The service is not illegal, as it has the backing of various writers who can help clients with their projects.
Is PaperHelp a scam?
Paper Help requires its writers to go through extensive testing and analysis to ensure they are talented enough to write for the company. You will be assured you’re getting help from a legit service and won’t be subject to fraud.
Is PaperHelp safe to use?
Paper Help is safe for students, as it uses thorough encryption measures while keeping all papers anonymous.
Are you the owner of the paper you order from Paper Help?
The client who orders a paper from the service will be the official owner of the project when it is complete.
Has Paper Help been banned from any service?
PaperHelp is not cheating, as it provides a reliable approach to helping students understand their subject matter or to convey their ideas well. This point has ensured the service won’t be banned for use where you are.
How does PaperHelp work?
You can start an account and then order services. Your order can include instructions on paper length, deadline, resources, formatting, and anything else you want to add. You can also request revisions after your paper is finished, plus the platform lets you interact with your writer during the task at hand.
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