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In recent years we have witnessed the rise of various essay writing services. It comes as no surprise. Technology now occupies a considerable amount of the average student’s life. As technology developed, students have learnt to take advantage of it for their own benefit. But it can be so hard to choose!
So, to make your life a little easier, I decided to compile this detailed Study bay review – it is one of the services on offer. Is it trustworthy, or is it a scam? We’ll have to find out together.


Available Payment Systems
Amount of Experts
  • Good value for money
  • Most useful Chat Support widget I have seen
  • Helpful and responsive Support Team
  • High quality write-ups
  • No fixed pricing
  • The website's design and user interface could be improved for better user experience

How reliable is it?

So, how can we test Studybay’s reliability? The company’s website states the service has helped over 3 million people since 2011, meaning has been on the market for over 10 years. Luckily, time stamps like these are easy to check. In the picture below, we can see the Studybay website domain was registered in 2003, meaning the project was in the works long before it was even launched.

With preparation like this and over a decade of work, the stats on the website don’t raise questions. The numbers seem to be nothing but trustworthy. Moreover, this service is completely legal.

Other criteria that can signal reliability are the website’s design and accessibility. The website is well-built and pleasing to the eye. Although I would like the layout to be different in some sections, the website still gives you a pretty good idea about what you will get from ordering a Study bay essay.
Another way to check Studybay’s legitimacy is to look at its social media. If we take a quick trip to Facebook, we will see that Studybay has accumulated an impressive number of followers. The company also has a profile on linkedin. Surely, if these many people trust it must be a good sign.

Let’s talk numbers. In the About Us section, we can find the stats backing up bold claims. While some numbers on the landing page may be slightly exaggerated for marketing purposes, the ones below look very realistic.

Overall, Studybay seems to be very transparent about their company and ordering process. Another thing I noticed while creating this Studybay review is that all the information you might need is presented on the landing page, and if there is something extra you would like to know – there is always a Chat Support Manager on the line.

Studybay Customer Service

Studybay’s Chat Support has the fastest response time compared to other websites (and trust me, I checked). So, in order to make my review a little more reliable, I timed how long it took for me to get an answer. Yes, I did, excuse my perfectionism. Turns out you only have to wait 30 seconds for your message to be read and almost exactly 1 minute to get a response. That is pretty quick if you ask me!

Another interesting thing I noticed is that you can choose who you talk to: the Product Manager or a Support Assistant. Both were fast to respond, polite, and very helpful. In the same pop-up window, you can search for information on Study bay. This comes across as the most useful Chat Support widget I have seen to date.
If for some reason you decide to contaсt Studybay in an alternative way, you can always call or send an email. But bear in mind that to get a response through email, you will have to wait up to 2 days (or even longer) according to reviews.

So, how does Studybay work?

  • Fill in the form
    Say you have all the information you need, what’s next? Filling out a brief is the first step in placing an order. So that the expert can do the best job they can, helping you with your assignment, you must make the description as detailed as possible. Studybay asks you for your project title, a brief assignment description, project type, and subject area. The form is very convenient for placing a quick order.
    Have a look at the screenshot below provided by one of our readers. It only takes a couple of minutes to get it done. According to Studybay, every specialist on the site has a college degree, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your paper. And if you already found an expert you like – you can always invite them to the project.

  • Choose your expert
    As soon as you fill out the form and hit the “Create” button, you will be forwarded to the next step. This is where the bidding begins. Various experts will respond to your order with an offer. The fees will vary. At this point, all you have to do is compare the ratings, read a few reviews and choose an expert for your project. Every writer also leaves a short comment about the work they are about to do. In the screenshot below, you can see how straightforward the whole process is.

  • Pay the fee
    After you have picked your expert, it is time to pay the fee. This stage is no different from checking out at your favorite online store; only instead there is an essay write-up in your cart. Speaking of, there will be a breakdown of the cost above your total price. Studybay has made the billing process completely transparent. You can see how much goes to the expert and what percentage takes as a service fee. I’ve done my research, and ordering from Studybay is not illegal. Plus, according to Studybay reviews from our readers, the payment process is completely legit. To provide a visual, one of them has sent me a screenshot of this step:

  • Order confirmed
    Now that you have chosen your expert and made the payment, you will get a confirmation that the order is being processed. As long as you have set a deadline, you have got nothing to worry about. On this page, you will see your order summary and a new option to chat with the writer who is doing your work. Sit back, relax, and wait for the first draft.

  • Check the drafts
    Once you have requested to see a draft of the assignment, you can immediately check it for any errors and give the expert feedback. Need more numbers, or perhaps citations? Not a problem. According to our readers’ Studybay reviews, the experts are more than happy to add or correct anything you may find necessary to get a better grade. Seems like Studybay has built a reliable feedback system with the students’ success in mind. As you can see from our reader’s screenshot, the experts take less than 15 minutes to reply! In my opinion, timeliness is essential to this process, and Study bay nailed that.

  • At the finish line
    Once the order is complete, you can request edits or simply accept the assignment. It is totally up to you! Our readers kindly agreed to send me some examples of the interactions with the experts, you can find those below. As far as I can see, the communication is top-notch. If you really enjoyed working with your expert and are feeling generous, you have the option to reward the writer with an extra payment. I must say, a very thoughtful addition from Studybay.

In this particular case, you can see one of our viewers had requested no edits – the work was perfect as it is. Despite that, the expert kept them updated on the process instead of simply submitting the completed order to the system.

Another one of our viewers ordered a presentation, a slightly different format to the common writing. Here you can see the reader requested some edits – more numbers, of course, the writer agreed. I hope our reader’s professor appreciated that.

In this particular interaction from another order, we can see that everything went smoothly, no bumps in the road whatsoever. After the project completion, our reader was offered a referral link that would supposedly give them a 20-dollar discount. Not bad!

How about quality?

To check the Studybay’s reliability in terms of quality, I sent off a few orders to test it first-hand. On my list, I had a Shakespeare themed essay, a list of extended Biology questions, and a marketing assignment from back in the day. Finally, it came in handy. I chose topics that varied from each other, to make the test results more reliable. I set a deadline and sat back to wait for the results. 

The Biology questions came back first. I did a quick fact check and scanned for typos – the write-up was spotless. Straight after that, I received the Shakespeare essay. It took a little longer to read, though, but no fact-checking was needed. Again, no mistakes. Lastly, the marketing assignment. I gave it a quick read-through and only found one typo right at the end, in the word “significant”. It took me less than a second to fix, leaving me quite satisfied with the work. All orders came back in just under a week. To run the write-ups through the final test – the plagiarism checker. Needless to say, all came back 100 percent unique. 

I also asked the people who provided the screenshots for some feedback on the quality of the written works. While the response was overwhelmingly positive, it did vary. Some said they found a couple of insignificant typos. Others, being the majority, said they expected to see some typos, but were lucky enough to find none! I can imagine this depends greatly on the expert. While it is not ideal to find small mistakes in your write-up, we are only human (including the experts). Regardless of whether you think this to be cheating, Studybay’s services are not a fraud!

Studybay Experts

Studybay claims to hire only highly competent experts. They supposedly do that in 3 steps. First, verifying the expert’s identity through social media. Second, testing the skills and knowledge in different academic fields. This is done to ensure the work experience and education the writer claims to have is legit. And lastly, Studybay has put in place an AI-based system that constantly analyzes every expert’s performance.

A feature that makes stand out and drives its ratings up is the ability to invite an expert you have worked with before. Although it might take a couple of times to work out how to choose the best writers for your project, the quality of the work is definitely up to par. I drive that conclusion from what I have seen in my own test orders and those of our readers. After reading through the papers I got, Studybay’s claims seem totally legit.

Money-back guarantee

Studybay’s reliable money-back guarantee was a pleasant surprise. If the job fell short of your expectations or was submitted late, you can always request a refund. Although I decided against ordering a refund, it turns out one of our readers who sent me a review about Studybay had already gone through the process. The issue was that the expert submitted the write-up 10 minutes late. 

It says you can request a refund in the 20-day warranty period. You will have to fill out a form, explaining what exactly went wrong. Then you submit it. If it is accepted, you can withdraw your money to your bank account in just under 3 days. The process is as straightforward as can be.

Prices & Discounts 

Studybay does not present a fixed pricing list. While that may seem inconvenient at first, it allows the bids to go as low as $15 a page. Grammar and plagiarism checks are automated, which allows Studybay to offer students excellently priced homework assistance.

While Studybay’s prices are more than some and lower than others, they appear to have settled on a fair medium ground in the industry. The prices are not suspiciously low, but not sky-high either.

I tried to snoop around for some discount or promo codes. Since I could not find anything on their website, I went to Chat Support. Turns out their offers are seasonal, and it might be beneficial to sign up with your email, so you can receive promo codes when they are available.

If you would like to order write-ups at an even lower price, you can use their referral program which has already popped up in the screenshots above. All you have to do is copy the link, send it over to a friend and wait for them to make an order. Voilà, here is your $20 off!

Studybay Reviews from the web

I understand that reading just one review may not be enough for you to make up your mind. I get it. So to save you some time, I decided to run a quick check across a few sites to get a full picture of Studybay reviews. 

  • Sitejabber
    First, I decided to check out Sitejabber. It states that Studybay has a rating of 4.64 stars from 1586 reviews. That is a considerable amount of reviews, which makes the overall rating seem legit. Not bad if you ask me!

  • Review Centre
    I found no reviews on Trustpilot so I went to the Review Centre. This website showcased an even higher Studybay review rating – a whopping 4.8/5. This rating was based on 1176 reviews, a slightly smaller number than on Sitejabber. While these ratings seem great, we have to keep in mind that a small percentage of the reviews might be fake.

  • Reddit
    To see how realistic these Studybay customer reviews are, let’s check out another website – Reddit. I often go on Reddit since the platform allows for a different kind of communication, so I would like to think that it is harder to fake a review here. To my surprise, I couldn’t find too many. This is what I did find:
    Someone who has supposedly tried out Studybay requested to post an anonymous review. It gets straight to the point – they were disappointed. Seems like every aspect did not fulfill the author’s expectations. So many cons, not a single pro? I found that to be a little suspicious, so I decided to investigate.

But I didn’t even need to do that. If you scroll down, you will see that all this person wanted to do was leave a link to another Essay writing service they were promoting. As you can see below all this user does is promote their website by posting relevant reviews.

Needless to say, I was wrong! It absolutely is possible to write an obviously fake review on reddit. While I was searching, I found another one. At the end of the review, the reddit user did not only add one link, but three! So, do not search for opinions there. They can be very misleading, so I think profiles like these should be banned.

Additional Studybay services

What else does Studybay offer?

  • Proofreading & editing
    With Studybay’s Proofreading & Editing services, you can get help with any school or university project. The process is similar: fill out the form, put it up for bidding, and wait for a response. The price goes as low as $7 per page.
  • The Studybank
    With the Studybank you can earn money from your work or gain access to information offered by other experts and students. Upload or download a ready-made paper suited for your needs.
  • Plagiarism checker
    Chances are, you already know what it is. Well, this one is no different, and completely free of charge.
Is Studybay a reliable service?
I’ve got to say, it is! The whole process of ordering a paper was very straightforward, the payment section was transparent and all my orders were delivered on time. The quality of the papers was top-notch, perhaps it is luck!
Is Studybay legit?
Yes, it is. Based on our readers' reviews and my experience, Studybay is legit. At least, I have no reasons to believe otherwise. Honesty and transparency seem to be one of the owner’s main values. No doubt, Studybay is a real business.
Is Studybay safe?
If there is anything I can be sure of is this. All specialists are verified. As far as payment goes, Studybay uses PayPal, Payoneer, Visa/Mastercard for payments, and offers two payment types. If you are not satisfied, you can get a refund.
Is Studybay a scam?
I doubt it. In fact, I am pretty sure it is not. While some people may have slightly more negative experiences than others, Studybay is anything but a scam.
Is Studybay good?
I think this comes down to personal experience. As I have mentioned before, there is a possibility you will face some issues with your assignment, but these cases seem rare. Personally, I have had no issues, and all the work I ordered was of top-notch quality. Our readers’ cases were, if not the same, then similar.

The pricing policy

To get a deeper insight into the prices set by the company, students can use a special price calculator. They’re quite reasonable and can fit even students with a limited budget. Quotes are also visible on the official website. However, it’s worth mentioning that writers are rated based on their skills and previous writing jobs. There’s no risk for students who order their academic assignments from this online service. The only concern is that there are no real discounts for customers. We didn’t see any information about valid coupon codes or discounts on the web page, and there’s no space to type it when placing an order.

Accepted payments accepts standard payment forms, such as:

  • PayPal;
  • Payoneer;
  • Visa;
  • MasterCard.

Customers can process all of their online transactions easily, and banking information is protected and safe. There are no hidden or extra fees.

Additional important considerations

The official website is quite straightforward and it offers a lot of interesting information to visitors. They can easily find instructions on how the entire process works. provides a range of extra features, including:

  • Progressive order delivery;
  • Free revisions;
  • Power-Point presentations;
  • Urgent order delivery option;
  • Double and single-spaced papers;
  • All formats;
  • Money-back guarantees.

Concluding comments

In summary, ranks at average based on the services, professional team of writers, and other important review criteria. It’s obvious that the company is reputable and legit. It’s been in the business for a while and has many customer reviews. Although qualified and skilled writers work for this online service, there is no quality control or screening process for candidates. That’s why some students may receive ordered papers with mistakes. This website isn’t scam or fraud, but it’s not BBB accredited, which is another concern. Keep that in mind when using its services.

Rating Data of 6.7

  • Toll free – NO
  • UK writers – YES
  • Unlimited amendments – NO
  • Direct communication with writers – NO
  • Free samples – YES
  • Various formats – YES
  • Pay in any currency you want – YES
  • Choosing a preferred writer – NO
  • Editors and Q&A proofread – NO
  • Price calculator – YES
  • Plagiarism Checker – NO
  • Support Chat – YES
  • Support Phone – YES
  • How it Work notice – YES
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4.5/5 Overall Rating

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