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The company we will be reviewing today is an essay writing service that we decided to put to the test to see if they can become your go-to source for academic help. The internet is known for being a great space for thousands of new businesses to emerge daily. It provides choice, variety, and flexibility – but with that comes risk.

And when choosing an essay-writing service the situation is no different. You have to be thorough with your research, but we know that not everyone has the time to do that especially when the essay is due tomorrow.

We have compiled this Essay Service review to see if it’s trustworthy and could save you time and potentially money.

Overall, according to our research, EssayService is not a very reliable business. This conclusion was made based on the refund policies, customer support quality, and customer reviews. There is plenty of good, but the good in this case does not outweigh the bad.


Available Payment Systems
Amount of Experts
  • Good website usability
  • Average pricing
  • Questionable chat support
  • Unclear company history
  • Missed deadlines

The Review Process

To ensure this review stayed reliable and unbiased we created a list of criteria that mattered according to our readers.

Our testing and research scenario entails the following:

  • Reliability check
  • EssayService Offerings
  • User experience
  • Website usability
  • How does EssayService work
  • EssayService authors/experts
  • Costs and discounts
  • Refund policy
  • Support Service
  • Reviews on the web

Checking information provided by the service allows you to see how trustworthy it is, analyzing offerings and service usability shows you how convenient placing an order with this company will be. Factors such as refund policies and reviews are also crucial for making a decision since your money and grades depend on how well a company manages their business. After going through a thorough reliability check and analysis of EssayService offerings, websites were assessed for usability and user-friendliness, since these are two of the most important factors in this case.

Our main criterion was reliability –  and our testing and research scenario allowed us to get a very detailed review in place. We gathered the most essential information and are ready to present it to you to help you out in the decision-making process.

Reliability Сheck

Is this a real company, would working with EssayService be considered illegal? Let us start with the basics.

First, we couldn’t find any information on the website regarding when the company started operating, so we resorted to the support chat to find an answer to our question.

We were directed back to the website with a screenshot that stated that Essayservice has been around for 10+ years. Yet again, we found nothing on the website and could not find the page where the screenshot was made.

But we couldn’t present this to you without fact-checking it first. We aim to provide a fair review, not mislead you further. Let’s have a look at this:

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

We can see that the website domain was registered in 2003. Why not state that on the website? Besides, there is always a possibility that the domain was just bought from someone else and the service itself has only been active for a little while.

The longer a service exists on the market, the more customers have tried and the more problems within the service have the chance to be fixed. While newer services may get the advantage in terms of new approaches, usually such businesses just haven’t gone through enough testing and are more likely to be problematic and untrustworthy.

Social Media Presence

Social media presence is another factor to look out for when trying to vet a company’s credibility. It shows how much time and money the company is ready to invest into its community and how engaged its customers are with the service. Therefore, we decided to review EssayService’s social media profiles.

Their X (Twitter) has little to no following and Essay Service’s last tweet was made back in 2017. It looks like they stopped investing in this platform when it could be a great way to connect with and support their customers.

The situation with Facebook is a little better and the company seems to regularly keep up with posting.

But their YouTube has only 25 followers and one video that was posted 3 years ago. As we’ve mentioned before, social media is a great way for companies to connect with clients and provide extra support and education, and EssayService seems to not be very interested in that.

A group of icons on a blue background

Description automatically generated

EssayService Offerings

EssayService offers a relatively wide range of services such as dissertations, reports, discussion board posts, annotated bibliographies, research papers, literature essays, speeches, personal statements, college essays, and thesis write-ups. That is on top of a wide range of subjects and some homework help services.

However, we found no extras such as plagiarism checks, grammar checks, and others alike. These come in very handy in the process and most companies invest money into developing such solutions for their customers to make the processes more seamless.

User Experience

Website Usability

The Essay Service website is nothing special compared to its competitors. Simple design, responds well and loading speed is average. It features a blog and a few other pages where you can find out more about the service. This creates an illusion that each page is filled with unique information but in reality, all subpages contain similar information just with swapped topics.

EssayService Mystery Shopping: How Does It Work?

We decided to make a test order ourselves to present you with the most thorough and honest review. This allowed us to see the ordering process from the inside instead of making false assumptions.

As we’ve mentioned before, customer service leaves much to be desired. However, they do respond quite quickly via chat (not email) so if you have an issue with your order there is a possibility it will be resolved in time. We had no issues with ours.

So, this is how the process goes.

Step №1: Filling the Form

To ensure you get the outcome you need you will have to be quite thorough with your order. The more information you provide the better your selected author can execute your write-up. Include all details you might deem relevant. As we discovered when we placed a test order for this review you can select the assignment type, language, level, size, and deadline with EssayService.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Step №2: Additional Details

Here you can get a bit more specific with your requirements. Don’t forget to include your topic, subject, sources, and citation style. This is quite a useful feature that not all companies have. In the Instructions section, you can add any other comments. Remember, being thorough in this step will allow you to minimize any future issues you might have with EssayService.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Step №3: Find a Writer

Now it’s time to find a writer. The process is relatively straightforward – once you post your order you will be presented with writers who are ready to take your order. Pay attention to EssayService customer reviews, author’s rating, and qualifications. EssayService claims to have authors who have years of experience, a verified background, and advanced degrees but as we know not all companies put their writers through rigorous testing and background checks. This company does conduct verifications but only placing an order will tell how reliable their hiring process is.

EssayService Authors

Despite having some issues with other parts of their business, Essay Service did a relatively good job of choosing their writers. As per the selection process we described before, this company claims to have writers with a confirmed ID, verified diploma, and extensive experience. At the stage where you have to choose your writer, you can click on the “About writer” button and find all the details.

We had no problems with our chosen writer, but that does not guarantee you will get the same result with this service. For that, don’t forget to read reviews on the author you want to select.

A screenshot of a mobile application

Description automatically generated

Quality of Work

As we’ve mentioned before, at the beginning of this research we placed an order with essay service to see if their work quality would be up to our and our readers’ standards. A couple of grammar mistakes, maybe some missed commas – but besides that, the write-up was complete without any serious issues. A few things to note:

  • Free revisions, before payment

Essay Service, just like many other companies, offers free revisions on your paper. This ensures you get the work you expect, however, these corrections can only be made before the final payment is complete. After that, you’d have to take it up with the customer service.

  • Plagiarism checker?

While essay service does not offer free plagiarism reports and checks, they claim to have professional writers who do their job. But as we remember from the refund policy this company will not be responsible for any plagiarism issues with your work.

  • Deadlines

With the work we received there were no missed deadlines. Yet other customers have things to say about the delivery speed of essay service writers. This is a review from Sitejabber:

Support Service

Chat support

Before you get connected to a person, EssayService employs a bot to help you out. While it may be helpful in some cases. Overall, it just slows down the process of finding crucial information and nuance that only an operator can provide.

The response was quick yet very vague (as you can see above in the Reliability check section).

Interestingly, EssayService uses their customer support chat as a means to get your email. In research for this review, we wanted to know how long this company has been in business because we couldn’t find anything on the website and were directed to enter an email address to proceed. It seems compulsory, but you can get by without it. It makes the service seem less trustworthy if their first call is getting your information and not helping you out.

Prices Review

  • Pricing

Essay service prices their work according to the size, deadline, and level. So, a standard page of 275 words would cost you a minimum of $10.8. However, if you take into account all additional criteria you will have to add to your order, your assignment is more likely to cost something between $30-$40.

This is relatively average pricing for such work, although you can find cheaper options for the same quality.

  • Payment methods

Clients can pay using a limited choice of payment methods. They include Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery. Perhaps, having the option to use PayPal or ApplePay would be more convenient for the customers.

Unfortunately, we could not find a promo code on the website.

Refund Policy

Essay Service features an extensive refund policy with a few caveats. They state that the website is only a platform and they do not guarantee high grades and are not responsible for contextual or content originality problems in materials made by the writer. So, if you get a lower grade than predicted or your write-up is plagiarized you will not be entitled to a refund, which is a very surprising statement to us. Once again, this service has shown that it has no interest in the customer and is ready to provide unoriginal or subpar-quality work.

Moreover, the company will not pay any transaction or bank fees if you do receive a refund. The rest of the policy seems pretty usual, but if you decide to order with this company make sure you do thorough research on Essay Service’s money-back guarantees.

Reviews on the Web

Negative feedback should also be included. For example, if many reviews indicate the same problem, this problem likely exists. Reading EssayService customer reviews is another crucial step in your selection process. Sites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and Reddit all have plenty of customers ready to share their feedback on EssayService. Beware of fake paid reviews, as it is a common marketing tactic among essay writing services.

  • Reddit

Reddit has just a couple of EssayService customer reviews, which is a surprisingly low amount. As we can see below, not all orders go through as smoothly as our test order did. Here the customer had issues with rude support operators, plagiarism, and fake reviews. You can see this EssayService review for yourself:

A close-up of a website

Description automatically generated

  • Sitejabber

On Sitejabber, this company has acquired a surprising 4.85 stars and 4,685 mixed customer reviews. It’s important to note that writing paid reviews, positive or negative, is a common thing to do when trying to raise your company’s rating on review sites. 

A screenshot of a review

Description automatically generated

While there are some unbiased reviews, customers also report having issues with the quality of their orders and writers using AI tools for the write-ups.

  • Trustpilot

When typing Essay Service into the search bar on Trustpilot this was all we could find. This often means that the company account was banned from the service for fake reviews.

  • Linkedin

All we could find was a long essay service review on Linkedin, but based on the formatting and style of this article it is safe to say the honesty of this review leaves a lot to be desired.

Our Verdict

Overall, EssayService is just another company with average rates, relatively qualified writers, and through-through marketing tactics. From the refund policy, we learned that the company tries to take as little responsibility for your orders as possible. There have been issues with plagiarism, AI-written work, and missed deadlines, so you would need to be very careful when choosing the right writer for your assignment. That is, if you choose to order from EssayService, the choice is ultimately yours.

Is EssayService legit?
Yes, EssayService is legit. It has a company name, registered domain, and plenty of online customer reviews (not all good) to prove this company actually exists.
Is EssayService a scam?
EssayService is not a scam, but a real company that takes very little legal responsibility. There are a few issues that we have addressed today, so you would have to be careful if you decide to work with this service.
Is EssayService legal?
Yes, it is legal, but ordering from EssayService will probably be considered cheating at your school or university, so you would have to be careful with ensuring that EssayService writers do a good job with your order.
Is EssayService safe?
Yes, despite having some caveats, EssayService is legal and safe to use. But again, while it may be a legit company, it does not mean there will be no issues in the process.
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