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The use of bidding in customer orders to match students with writers is a new trend when it comes to academic writing services. This concept is used by EssayPro, and it’s all about busy students submitting their assignments and writers making their bids. As a result of bidding, customers pick the offers that they think are competitive enough for them and fit the necessary level of experience.


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  • Easy to order papers
  • On-time delivery
  • Authentic and original content
  • Easy to track your project
  • No phone number for contact
  • Not many discounts are available

You’ve probably seen plenty of EssayPro reviews telling you it’s an outstanding service. But is EssayPro legit, and what makes it unique if it is for real?

As you’ll see in this EssayPro review, it is a trustworthy essay writing service. The team at EssayPro includes talented writers you can compare when ordering your service.

Service Reliability

EssayPro was formed in 1997. The group’s headquarters is in Kissimmee, a town just outside Orlando. It has separate services for students in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The EssayPro website reports many positives:

  • More than 1.5 million positive reviews online
  • 4.8-star rating on ResellerRatings
  • Completing over 300,000 papers in 2021
  • More than 1,400 writers throughout the United States and Canada
  • A thorough support team with a dozen people on hand to help
  • Apps available for iOS and Android users
  • Nearly 140,000 followers on Facebook
  • You can also follow many of the writers and staff members on LinkedIn

EssayPro’s longevity has helped the company attain such a strong following. It’s uncertain how many orders come from referrals or repeat customers, but the company is still highly active.

EssayPro Authors/Experts

So how does EssayPro work? EssayPro’s writer listings show the site has more than 1,400 writers based out of the United States and Canada. The company’s writers include ones with thousands of orders and reviews.

The website is transparent about who it hires. You can click on the profile of any writer on the site and discover many things about that person, including:

  • The orders the writer has completed by subject
  • The types of orders one has managed
  • Detailed customer reviews
  • The writer’s specific competencies
  • There’s even a profile photo for each writer

You can search for a writer based on the subject matter you need assistance with for your paper. The service lists thirteen different categories, including ones for computer science, psychology, business and management, and engineering.

How Does EssayPro Hire Its Writers?

All writers who work for this service must meet a few standards:

  • The writer should be a college graduate in some form.
  • The writer must also have at least a year of professional writing experience.
  • All people who work here must also be native English speakers in the United States or Canada.

EssayPro uses a few steps when hiring its writers:

  1. A writer must provide proof of one’s identity at the start.
  2. The writer then provides documentation showing whatever education one has completed in the last five years. All diplomas must be certified through the signatures and stamps one receives.
  3. The person then provides writing samples for the team to review.
  4. EssayPro will assign the candidate a one-page project to complete.
  5. The writer’s project receives a grade. The work reviews if the person should join the team.
  6. Each writer will be subject to a one-month trial period. The person will become an official member of the EssayPro team if that writer continues to perform well during that month.

How Do You Order a Paper?

EsssayPro provides a safe process for helping people order papers. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Place your order requirements.

You’ll list details on the type of assignment you want someone to complete, its education level, and the length of the project. You can also include any files, outlines, or other features you want to add to your project as necessary.

  1. Include the double deadline for your work.

The double deadline involves two separate deadlines for your project. The first one is for your writer, and the second is for when your project must be complete. Be sure you have enough time between these two to ensure you’ll get your work on time while also factoring in time for whatever revisions may be necessary.

  1. Contact a writer for help.

You’ll then search individual writer profiles to see who is open for your work. You can compare writers by reviewing their profiles and other details.

The writers you’ll find are the ones available for work right now. You can chat with any of these Essaypro writers in real time for more details on what they offer. This feature also lets you hammer out any details you want to manage surrounding your work.

  1. Complete a deposit in your customer account.

Be sure you have enough money in your customer account to where you can afford the writer’s service.

  1. Hire the writer for your work.

The writer will start working on your paper after you hire that person.

  1. Check your paper through your account.

You can use the control panel on your account to review how well the project is working. The setup also lets you release the full payment to your writer as necessary.

  1. After the writer finishes, you can download your project and leave a review.

The website also lets you request revisions to your work as necessary.

How Do You Pay for Projects?

You’ll pay for your work by adding funds to your customer account.

Those funds will go toward your writer. The site also helps customers top off their accounts in situations where the pricing goes over what is already in one’s account.

You can make a secure credit card payment to fund your account. The website doesn’t support PayPal or other cash transfer services.

Is the Work of Good Quality?

The next point in this Essay Pro review involves how well your paper will look. The service promises the best possible quality for every project you request.

EssayPro also claims that all its projects are unique and free from plagiarism. All papers are reviewed on third-party plagiarism detection systems to confirm the originality of everything. References, citations, and other formatting features are also checked to ensure all citations work as necessary and that there’s no accidental plagiarism involved anywhere.

The authors, according to the service’s assurances, are very reliable in terms of meeting deadlines. When you search for writers on EssayPro, you’ll find details on writers who are available to help you right now. This point ensures you’ll have someone on hand to help you with your work right away without waiting on anyone to start.

Test Orders

Our analysis of EssayPro projects found a few interesting things surrounding what the company offers. We were suspicious about how those claims worked, but we found there were plenty of positives about what EssayPro provides.

The completed projects we read were easy to review, and we didn’t get hung up on any unusual sentences. The writers appear to be very proficient in producing simple-to-read content, although the sentences can be a little short at times.

The writers are also adamant on ensuring each paragraph counts. The writers don’t try to repeat the same things many times over, as they focus on keeping arranging content in distinct sections. While there are times when some content has to be summarized, the work is about creating a good flow between points.

The structure of a typical paper from EssayPro shows that the writers produce good outlines that help them arrange the contents of their papers. The papers are arranged with different headings focusing on certain subtopics within each project. A background will appear at the start, and there are often separate segments surrounding the positives and negatives of an argument or potential developments surrounding a subject.

You can expect a paper that includes a reasonable introduction, a background on the topic, and then additional points surrounding the topic at hand. The work will include multiple conclusions surrounding the concepts introduced and how people can think about a topic. The work is about creating a more inviting approach.

Each EssayPro paper’s references were also thoroughly prepared to ensure that everything is properly cited. Citations and other formatting features appeared to be checked as well to ensure that all citations work, and that no accidental plagiarism occurs.

But as helpful and committed to quality as the writers are, there’s a chance you might require revisions on your project. The good news is that EssayPro supports unlimited revisions on each project. You can provide as many details on edits as necessary, and your writer will adhere to your requests.

Customer Support

EssayPro says that its customer service team will ensure your satisfaction with each project you request. In our experience with test orders, the group takes 10-15 minutes to respond when you email them.

You can also contact the live chat feature on the EssayPro website and get a response in a few moments. There’s usually a live person on the other end, but an AI program appears to work during off hours. 

The FAQ section on the EssayPro site also has detailed answers to everything surrounding your work. The FAQ section has multiple articles from EssayPro staff members on everything from placing and managing orders to pricing and security.

EssayPro doesn’t appear to have a phone number for contact purposes. But the site does have an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, so you can always contact the site through those platforms if you prefer.

Costs and Discounts

Since EssayPro is legit, you might assume it will cost more than you can afford to handle. But EssayPro provides a reasonable rate for its services.

EssayPro will form its pricing for your work based on these factors:

  • The grade level for your work; there are five levels from high school to doctorate
  • The timeframe you have for completing your work
  • The number of pages you need
  • Whether the paper will be single or double-spaced; a single-spaced paper will have twice as many words per page on average

EssayPro projects are available for as little as $10.80 per page, but the pricing will vary by order. For example, a college-level paper in two weeks will cost $11.40 per page, but the cost rises to $13.20 per page for a Master’s level paper.

The cost of the writing service includes many things at no additional cost:

  • An originality report confirming proper citations
  • Formatting
  • An outline for the project if necessary
  • A title page and other extra parts as needed
  • Any edits you require for your final project

The website offers volume discounts for longer papers. For instance, the Master’s paper at $13.20 per page will cost $92.40 for ten pages, which is a 30-percent discount from the regular price of $132. You can see how much of a discount you can get by entering in details on your paper and checking the price at the end.

You may also get a discount on your order if there are concerns with your project, like the product being delivered past the due time or the quote for the work going over budget. You can contact the support team for help in getting an additional discount on any of these issues.

EssayPro does not have any referral programs where you could get a discount on the service.

Guarantee Offer

From what our readers have told us, EssayPro is trustworthy to where the site offers a money-back guarantee on its projects. First, you can request as many revisions on your work as necessary for thirty days after you receive your project. EssayPro encourages its clients to provide notes and files for any revisions to ensure the writer can fix everything the first time around.

But there’s always a chance you might have to request a refund if you are still not satisfied with your project. You’ll need to contact the customer service department and discuss your issue and then ask for a refund on your project. The Essay Pro team will then review your situation and prepare a decision on whether you’ll get a refund. You should be able to get a full refund in most situations, but a partial refund may only work in certain cases. The result is based on the customer service team’s discretion.

What Do Online Reviews Say?

Many prior customers have left EssayPro reviews on other sites, such as Trustpilot and Reddit. However, keep in mind that some online reviews may be fake, and not all such users are quickly banned. Here’s what people are saying about the service on other websites as of February 2023:

  • SiteJabber – 4.76 stars from 15,000+ reviews

Customers on this site like how you can communicate with an actual writer on the site before ordering a project. The Eassypro customer reviews also state that the service is not cheating or illegal. Instead, it is transparent and direct.

  • ResellerRatings – 4.85 stars from 250 reviews

There aren’t many reviews on this site, but the people who have left reviews here say that EssayPro projects are generally thoroughly researched and edited. The writers also follow the necessary instructions for most of the tasks.

  • – 3.3 stars from 130 reviews

The reviews on this site are relatively varied. Some people have given it one-star ratings claiming that the writers are difficult to talk or reason with, but others say the writing is always completed on time and is thoroughly prepared with minimal revisions necessary. The site doesn’t have as many reviews as the others, but it helps to understand why people have positive or negative experiences.

Pros and Cons of EssayPro


  • Easy to order papers

The website makes it easy to see how much it will cost to order a paper. You can also select an available writer and talk with that person prior to hiring.

  • On-time delivery

Since you’re contacting someone who will be there right away to start your paper, it’s easier to get on-time delivery from someone at EssayPro.

  • Authentic and original content

All projects from EssayPro are unique and original, with no risk of plagiarism. Each paper is prepared to ensure proper citations and formatting.

  • Easy to track your project

You can check on how well your paper is going while the writer is working on it. Your control panel will include details on your order number, who is writing your project, and how much progress the writer has made on that work. The system also lets you contact your writer as necessary.


  • No phone number for contact

While you can contact the EssayPro customer service department by email or live chat, there are no phone numbers available for instant contact. But you at least won’t have to wait too long when asking for help online.

  • Not many discounts are available

While you can get a discount for ordering a project with more pages, there aren’t any other promo code or special offers on the site. There aren’t even any deals for first-time customers or referrals.

Our Verdict

We feel that EssayPro is a safe and suitable option for your paper writing needs. EssayPro is a legal and secure service that hires top-quality writers devoted to ensuring the quality of your paper.

Most of our readers find its services simple to order, and the site has affordable costs.

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