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EssayShark is an essay writing service students can hire when they require help completing an essay. Students have been leaving many positive EssayShark reviews about this company, but what makes it stand out?

This EssayShark review will answer that question by delving into how the service works, what it provides, and what you can expect from an order.


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  • Support reply fast
  • Flexible deadlines
  • A small choice of authors

A Closer Look At EssayShark

EssayShark is an essay writing service provider that started in the early 2010s. The service produced its first paper in 2011, and it has evolved to where the company has published a few books and released an iOS app.

EssayShark is owned by DNC Holdings, Inc. and has a registered office in Cyprus. The website also has two different email addresses users can contact it through. There’s also a separate Canadian page available for customers in Canada. The site also has a direct link where iOS users can visit the Apple App Store to download the Essay Shark app to their devices.

EssayShark appears to be legit, as the site has various writers on hand to help people with their projects. The team reached the million-paper mark in 2021, ten years after producing its first. Hundreds of writers are active each day, according to the website, and the team has served more than 150,000 returning customers. The fact that EssayShark has so many returning clients suggests that the site isn’t kidding when it claims to have written more than a million papers in its history.

The website is updated every few months to reflect the latest statistics on services and what solutions the writers can provide to people. The writer profiles are also routinely updated after each completed project to help clients see who they can hire for work.

The site has an extensive social media presence, as EssayShark has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The team’s social media sites receive updates a few times each week, posting like writing tips, how to tell content was AI-produced, and the best various web browser add-ons for study purposes. There’s also an Essay Shark YouTube channel that highlights how the team completes projects. 

What Services Does EssayShark Provide?

The next part of this Essay Shark review entails the various things you can order through EssayShark. The team will help you complete an essay for your subject and grade level. The team claims to have writers that can cover subjects like English, literature, history, economics, and various sciences.

Some of the assignments the writers at Essay Shark are ready to handle include the following:

  • Term papers
  • APA papers
  • Case studies
  • Thesis writing
  • Admission essays
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Creative writing projects
  • Annotated bibliographies

You can also request various other services at EssayShark, including:

  • Revisions
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Citation production
  • Creating accurate references
  • Plagiarism checking

Interestingly enough, EssayShark has moral standards on what topics its writers will complete essays about. For instance, you won’t be able to order a paper on sensitive issues like abortion at EssayShark, as that doesn’t meet EssayShark’s duty to be socially responsible.

User Experience

How Does the Website Work?

You will find the EssayShark website provides a legal and quick approach to helping you order essays. The site has an ordering form on the front page where you can start your order. This box will lead you to the next step of the ordering process.

The site also provides a transparent look at what you will expect to spend on writing services. You’ll get a more detailed report on what you will pay when you place your order, but the details the site lists are accurate.

How Do You Place Your Order?

So, how does EssayShark work when you’re trying to order a paper from a trustworthy writer? Here are some steps for how this works:

  1. First, you will enter your details in the order box on the front page.

The first form includes spaces for what type of essay you want to order, how many pages it will be, and your deadline for work. You’ll also write your email address here, as that’s where EssayShark will contact you.

  1. You’ll then go to a new menu where you can provide further details on your paper.

You’ll include details like the discipline your essay is for and the topic. You may also list the academic level for your paper. While stating the grade level is optional, it is recommended because it can ensure a qualified writer will be ready to work at that level.

  1. EssayShark writers will start bidding to work for you.

Writers who can work on your project will bid on the right to complete your paper. According to our test orders, you should get several offers within fifteen minutes after posting your project, but be sure to act soon. The best writers who are the most capable of completing your work might not wait too long for you to respond. The pricing will also vary by writer, but the totals should be around the recommended estimates the site lists for general projects.

  1. You can then go to your order page to review the writers who have applied to work on your project.

The site will describe what each writer provides, as well as facts on prior reviews about every author and how much you might be paying for services from someone.

  1. You may also request a specific writer for your project.

We took a look around at the Writers section of the EssayShark site to see what it offers. We found that it includes details on various writers available to hire. You can search for writers by discipline and review their profiles, plus you can see what honors these writers have earned for their prior work. You may then request that specific person’s services if you wish.

  1. After hiring someone, you can track that writer’s progress.

Our tests show that your hired writer will provide updates on your project, plus you can communicate with that person through the site’s online chat feature. You can ask for revisions as necessary, plus the site lets you pay for the writer’s services when you are satisfied with the work. You can pay for any parts you approve and then finish the payments after the work is complete.

The writer will also provide various services for your project, including a plagiarism check to confirm the legit nature of the writer’s work.

  1. You will then finish whatever payment remains for the paper and download the project.

EssayShark will let you download your paper as a DOC or PDF file.

  1. You can also leave a review for your writer.

Don’t forget after downloading your finished project to leave a review. You can provide a rating and then add specific feedback for your project.

Who Are the Writers at EssayShark?

The next part of this EssayShark review involves looking at the writers on this site. EssayShark reports that less than 10 percent of applicants who want to write for the site are ever hired.

We were curious about how EssayShark gets its writers, so we took a closer look at what the site lists. EssayShark says they use these steps to determine who they can hire:

  1. Analyzes all registration data and communicates with each applicant.
  2. Completes a check of all education documents and proof of identity. The analysis ensures each person is honest about what they send.
  3. A writer will go through a grammar test to determine how well that person can write sentences.
  4. Writers who pass that test will go on to complete a test essay.
  5. Any writer who successfully passes the test essay can write for EssayShark.

You can also search for different writers on the Essay Shark website to learn more about them through their profiles. You’ll find various points of interest in each profile, as our tests show, including:

  • Details on what essays someone has written before
  • How well the writer communicates with other people
  • How the writer responds to feedback and other messages
  • Any awards the writer has received, including rewards for high paper ratings, having more returning clients, and providing more high-rated papers in a certain time period.

Essay Shark also has sections where users can search for writers by discipline. They can check on writers with experience producing papers on the sciences, business, law, and other topics.

Is the Quality of Work Any Good?

We requested a test order from Essay Shark to see how well the project works. The brief 400-word essay we ordered was precise and included thorough details on the subject matter we assigned to the writer.

Our order shows that the paper had a defined start, middle, and end and that every part connected well. The paper also had proper citations, and the writer was specific in producing references.

Other Parts About Quality

We discovered from our experience with EssayShark that there are a few other factors relating to quality surrounding how well the writers at EssayShark can perform:

  1. You can request unlimited free revisions.

We were able to ask for revisions on our project during the writing process. The user panel provided thorough details on how the paper was going. We could send messages to our writer to guide the paper in the proper direction. The fact that we had the option to pay for services only after receiving them appears to also motivate the writer, as that person knows the payment is never guaranteed unless the work is of the best quality.

  1. Everything is also verified to ensure the writer avoids plagiarism.

One worry students have about whether EssayShark is a scam involves plagiarism. The good news is that each paper goes through a thorough plagiarism scan to ensure the content is unique and original.

(Image from The image shows how the service’s Plagcheck feature works, including how it reviews paraphrasing, hidden symbols, and other factors.)

You can request a Plagcheck report to see how well the content looks, including whether it is too similar to other projects. The feature includes details on how well the writer creates new content, plus it checks on proper projects in the Essay Shark database to ensure the writer isn’t copying the same things from prior work. This feature will let you know your EssayShark writer isn’t cheating or doing anything improper.

  1. The writers are capable of meeting their deadlines well.

The writers can complete their tasks on a deadline. Essay Shark has a strong on-time report, and your ability to review how the writers complete their projects ensures those professionals are motivated to keep working.

We were able to communicate with the writers on the tests we ordered, and everything worked out quite well for us. The writers were very direct in what they said, and they were willing to work their hardest to ensure they’d meet our deadlines.

It’s best that you request a deadline that is well ahead of when your project is due. This point is necessary for cases where you might need to request revisions.

Our research shows that the writers are responsible and ready to complete their tasks as necessary. These writers know they are being watched and that their reputations are on the line with each task.

How Can You Get Support?

This part of the EssayShark review covers the team’s customer service. The customer support team according to our experience can respond quickly to whatever concerns you might hold.

We found the following communication options at EssayShark:

  • Two separate email addresses for support
  • Accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Live chat on the website
  • A YouTube channel with further videos on the team’s services
  • You can also directly contact individual writers before hiring them

The company does not have any phone numbers or listed physical addresses, but the team does well in responding to queries. The site also doesn’t have any official presence on LinkedIn or Reddit, but you will find people talking about the service through those platforms.

What Does It Cost For Service?

EssayShark forms its prices based on the grade level, the number of pages necessary, and the amount of time needed to complete the task. You’ll spend less if you have a simple project with a longer deadline.

You can complete payments at Essay Shark with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. iOS app users can also use Apple Pay to complete payments.

The cost to hire an essay writing service online can widely vary, with projects ranging from $10 to $20 per page for the cheapest option. The lowest value Essay Shark will charge is around $13 per page, but your total will vary over your situation and what the writers bid. You can expect the pricing to be on par with what you’d find elsewhere.

Essay Shark does not appear to have a referral program. The site’s FAQs also suggest that it doesn’t offer any special discounts, as it prefers to give the writers and clients more control over the bidding process.

Reviews on the Web

In terms of reviews, clients have been very positive about what they’re getting from EssayShark. The site has a 4.79 rating out of 5 on SiteJabber, with people mostly saying they enjoy the user experience and that the writers are professionals who are prompt in their deliveries. Essay Shark also has a 4.9 rating out of 5 on,  indicating that the site offers a simple interface for ordering essays.

There have also been assorted reviews of the service on Reddit, with people stating that the writers are thorough in how they produce new projects. The reviewers also found that the writers are very responsive to messages.

EssayShark customer reviews on TrustPilot are less favorable, as the site has a 3.0 rating out of 5. But there have only been seven reviews on that site as of May 2023. Some reviewers claim that their writers aren’t as professional as they wish, and they don’t follow all the instructions.

Be advised that your results will vary by project. Most people have found that EssayShark is helpful and doesn’t engage in fraud, but there’s always a potential for something to go wrong.

Pros and Cons


  • The site has writers that specialize in various fields.
  • The pricing is transparent, as you’ll know what you will spend before hiring someone.
  • You may pay your writer at various points based on your satisfaction.
  • Every essay undergoes a plagiarism scan.
  • The service has a thorough process for reviewing prospective writers.


  • There are no money-back guarantees available for services.
  • The writers won’t work on all topics due to the site’s social responsibility standards.
  • There are no promo code offers available.
  • Although its website has plenty of answers to client questions, EssayShark doesn’t have a customer service phone line.

Our Verdict

We found that EssayShark is a quality service that offers a helpful approach to writing you will appreciate. The writers are transparent and easy to reach, plus you can keep tabs on how they are doing while working on your project. You can also select your specific writer, and you’ll know what the price for service will be when you order something.

You can learn more about the company by visiting its website or checking on various reviews prior customers have left. You’ll discover that EssayShark is a trustworthy and reliable solution that will fit your needs.

Is EssayShark legit?
EssayShark is a legitimate service, as it has been in operation since 2011. The site routinely hires new writers via a thorough analysis process.
Is EssayShark legal for students to use?
EssayShark is legal, as the service will provide you guidance on how to write your essay. The service is anonymous, meaning no one will know you hired EssayShark.
Will you be the owner of your paper from EssayShark?
All clients are the official owners of the papers they order from EssayShark.
Is EssayShark illegal anywhere?
EssayShark has not been banned or made illegal anywhere, as the service has developed a positive reputation for its essay writing services.
Is EssayShark a scam that sells AI-written papers?
All papers at EssayShark are written by real writers you may contact during the work process. You will never find a fake writer or an AI program when hiring someone at EssayShark.

Discounts and prices

On the website, you will not find any published prices for the services offered by their site because of the bidding system. But you can expect to pay around $160 for an eight-page paper on average. Also, the service does not offer discounts. If you’re about to order a paper on the website for the first time, unfortunately, you’re not going to get any coupon codes.

Accept payments

  • PayPal
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • Master Card
  • Visa

In conclusion has both pros and cons. This is a place where you can actually choose a writer for your academic project and you can be sure that the writer will deliver the product usually according to your deadline requirements. The negative thing about the website is the absence of the quality control, quality issues, and very little customer service. The overall rating for the website is fair to poor.

Rating data of 4.9

  • Toll-Free – Yes
  • UK writers – Yes
  • Unlimited amendments – No
  • Direct communication with writers – Yes
  • Free samples – Yes
  • Various formats – Yes
  • Pay in any currency you want – No
  • Choosing preferred writer – Yes
  • Editors and Q&A proofread – No
  • Price calculator – No
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4.2/5 Overall Rating

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