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About Us


EduReviews was founded out of a deep-seated desire and commitment to assist students in making informed decisions about reputable and secure custom writing services. Because there are so many different writing services out there, we well understand that it can be intimidating to search for one that is reliable enough to handle your most critical projects. Because we care about protecting consumers, we have learned about and exposed a lot of fake writing services that use deceptive online marketing strategies to try to get students to use them.

At EduReviews, we’re proud to review academic and research writing services, and we’re happy to take the weight off your shoulders by researching and rating many writing services for you. 

We value transparency, authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction, and therefore work hard to gain a deep understanding of each writing service that we review.


After assembling a group of dedicated people, Jack Grants took the initiative to launch EduReviews. High-quality materials and reviews are the results of the collaboration of our entire large team: writers, editors, web developers, and product managers. All of the reviewers on our team have extensive experience in their fields. They have worked or are currently working at the world’s leading institutions and companies. With their help, we can provide you with detailed and trustworthy reviews of writing services.

Meet Senior Executive Jack Grantes!

Jack Grantes

My name is Jack Grantes, and I am the Senior Executive of Edu-Reviews, a website that reviews the best custom assignment writing services available. My journey to starting this company was quite unique, and it all started with my background in education.

I was a teacher for many years and had a passion for working with children. However, as much as I loved teaching, I found that there was a significant problem that needed to be addressed. Students were struggling with their assignments and were often turning to online writing services for help. Unfortunately, many of these services were unreliable and provided poor-quality work, leaving students frustrated and with even lower grades.

This is when I came up with the idea of starting a website that would review these writing services and provide honest feedback to students. I wanted to create a platform where students could find reliable and trustworthy writing services to help them with their assignments. Thus appeared Edu-Reviews in 2016.

Starting Edu-Reviews was not an easy task, but with hard work and dedication, we were able to build a team of experts who share the same passion for education as I do. Our team works tirelessly to review various custom assignment writing services, providing students with accurate and unbiased information. We aim to help students make informed decisions about which services to use and ultimately improve their academic performance.

As the Senior Executive of Edu-Reviews, I am proud to be leading a company that is making a positive impact on the lives of students worldwide. Our reviews have helped thousands of students find the best custom assignment writing services, and we will continue to strive for excellence and help as many students as possible.

Oscar – Senior Product Manager

My name is Oscar, as a Senior Product Manager at Edu-reviews, I lead the platform’s product development process and ensure that new features and enhancements align with both user needs and the platform’s business goals. With my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and my Master’s degree in Business Administration, I have gained extensive experience in product development and management, which has helped me become an expert in the field.

Before joining Edu-reviews, I worked as a Product Manager at several tech companies, including a leading e-commerce platform. I have successfully developed and launched various products, and my skills in user experience and data analysis have helped me drive growth and innovation in my field.
In addition to my role as Senior Product Manager, I enjoy mentoring junior product managers at Edu-reviews. I am passionate about helping others grow professionally and believe that mentorship is essential to personal and professional development.
Overall, I am dedicated to ensuring that Edu-reviews remains a trusted resource for individuals and businesses seeking high-quality writing services. Thanks to my leadership and expertise, we continue to grow and evolve, providing valuable insights and solutions to our users.