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Order Now is the website dedicated to proofreading and editing. It’s targeted at helping students improve their own writing content before submitting it to instructors or professors. It’s a great proofreading solution for users looking for affordable and fast results based on customer feedback.


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  • All the services offered by are absolutely free of charge (users get a virtual writing encyclopedia at their fingerprints);
  • The website is quite complete and neatly organized into multiple categories to make its navigation easier and faster;
  • Option to ask writing experts through a special message board;
  • A handy glossary with many terms and their accurate definitions.
  • The only drawback is that is useful only for advanced students and even teachers. If you need an original paper written by experts from scratch, it’s not the best option for you.


This website is easy to use and navigate, and the main difference is that doesn’t specialize in writing academic papers for customers, unlike many other writing services. It specializes in editing services, which means that students get the opportunity to check the quality of their papers before sending them to teachers. Another great benefit is that they can receive expert recommendations on how to improve their content. This review is written to take a closer look at and see if this service can give students sensible advice.


  • The Ask an Expert section to give answers to all the writing questions of visitors;
  • Many examples of different types of writing;
  • The presence in social networks to help users solve their problems fast;
  • Qualified and experienced writing experts who help others to get their work done;
  • Helpful guides to show visitors how to write any type of academic or any other papers.

Website design and content

At first, looks like quite a professional website, but it’s a bit overwhelming and cluttered. There are multiple pages to check out in addition to free samples, guides, tools, services, etc. For example, users can use 6 online tools for free to improve their writing process, including:

  • Citation generator to create and format references fast;
  • Plagiarism checker to get rid of all copied parts;
  • An extensive database of excellent essay topics;
  • Personalized answers from writing experts;
  • Assignment planner to manage time wisely;
  • Glossary with all the essay terms explained.

Offered services is a dedicated and legit proofreading service, so it lacks the custom writing services. It means that busy students should look for other complete-writing solution websites that cover all of their requirements if they don’t want to complete academic assignments themselves. provides its feedback to students, thus enabling them to avoid making the same mistakes again.

The website enables users to analyze their own papers and become more confident or knowledgeable in writing while their mistakes are checked and commented on. Its offered services allow users to do the following:

  • Check their pieces of writing before handing them to teachers;
  • Know grades and understand what marks students will receive from their instructors;
  • Improve their overall writing by realizing what to work on;
  • Get second opinions on the papers sent for publication. categories

On the site, all the types of writing tasks are divided into a few basic categories, such as:

  • Creative writing (helpful tips for novels, poems, and short stories);
  • Letter writing (examples of complaints and letters of resignation);
  • Business writing (everything from standard business emails to meeting minutes);
  • Academic assignments (cover all types of essays);
  • General writing guides and special guides for students (all types of papers, including scholarship and admissions essays).


It’s one of the best features of If you aren’t sure exactly what a particular term is, check out the glossary because it explains everything in detail. This section is really useful for students. For example, if you have no idea what a business email is, you can find its definition in the glossary.

Writing tips, sample, and guides also offers a number of helpful samples, writing guides, and tips free of charge. They cover a range of problems that students may face when completing their academic assignments. The most common ones include common grammatical errors, transitions, words to avoid in specific types of papers, etc. They are great, well-written, and clear not to confuse users.

Business writing

The website provides samples and guides for any type of business writing, including cover letters, resumes, informal letters, and so on. They specify differences between informal and formal languages and inappropriate and appropriate words for this type of writing too. is quite helpful for people who don’t have a lot of experience in professional business communication.


All in all, provides visitors with helpful guides for any type of business or academic writing. Users can get access to a number of writing tips, samples, and guides, from book reviews and term papers to resignation letters to research proposals. The best part is that all of these services are available for free. For each type of writing, offers detailed guides, key points to consider, and common mistakes to avoid. Finally, the website has a special Ask an Expert message board and a unique glossary.

Rating Data of 7.9

  • Toll free – NO
  • UK writers – YES
  • Unlimited amendments – NO
  • Direct communication with writers – YES
  • Free samples – YES
  • Various formats – YES
  • Pay in any currency you want – NO
  • Choosing a preferred writer – NO
  • Editors and Q&A proofread – YES
  • Price calculator – NO
  • Plagiarism Checker – YES
  • Support Chat – NO
  • Support Phone – NO
  • How it Work notice – YES
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