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Date: September 10, 2018 Author: edu-reviews.com

It is a fact that even if you have a flawless paper in some academic field, it won’t get the A grade is it contains any language mistakes. This is the main reason why many students are looking for proofreading services. If you need the score high to improve your average grades, then a good decision will be to pay the online writing company. This is my situation a half month ago and the service helped me to succeed.

Browsing the internet, I read a proofreading services review, so I selected this service. I placed an order on the website of the company and I’m now really satisfied with my decision. First, I was pretty skeptic about the company, because there is no instant live chat for support. However, I decided to trust into what the proofreading services review offers to those who are looking for the professional proofreading help. I placed an order and soon the customer support center contacted me to confirm my order and details (deadline and etcetera). Things were really good at those stages.

What should you expect from this service?

For those students that are looking for the company that will write everything from scratch, this is not the right service. The company is specialized on the pretty narrow field – proofreading and editing. This decision helped them to become higher rate professionals in what they do. They decided to not overlap their knowledge with some extra activities (like writing essays from scratch, for example). The service offers the perfect team of professional editors.

On the one hand, to focus only on proofreading helps the company to provide the high-level services. This is good for students, especially when they need to provide the outstanding paper. On the other hand, this is bad for students, because they need to search for some other company when they need to get the paper written from scratch. Nowadays, there is a big number of not qualitative or even scamming companies, so students hate to search for a new writing company.

The pricing policy of the company

The prices are pretty affordable – it is around $5 for a 250 page if the deadline is a week. In the case of the short deadline (6 hours), the price is doubled. There are also middle variants of prices for different deadlines – for three, two, and one day. The other good thing that makes prices even more affordable, is the system of discounts. For example, for my order (more than $350) I got the 10% discount. If my order were more $700, the discount would be 15%.

What I didn’t like in the companies pricing policy, is that the company doesn’t differentiate the prices among different academic levels. The good option here is that there are different formatting options in the ordering form. For example, you can select the USA English formatting style or the other option. This is how the company adapts for different requirements from students around the world.

What are the other advantages of the service?

Here are the advantages that the proofreading services review noticed, and which helped me to make my decision:

  • The website guarantees the 100% satisfaction. In my experience, I really took the advantage of this feature when asked for some issues in formatting, which the company provided for free

  • The fast turnaround time. Half of the month ago I was really in crisis because I needed the proofreading really fast. The company made everything in six hours for the really affordable price

  • Editing in addition to the proofreading. Many services offer to edit separately and for extra money. The company does everything for free, this is really an attractive feature.

Flawless and well-constructed sentences after the proofreading

Proofreading and editing are important to improve the language throughout the paper. If you need the right company, use the proofreading services review. The experienced editor will look at different aspect of the paper and make it stronger. First, the editor will check the spelling and the typos. This helps to improve the average level of the paper. What is more important is the sentences structure. If you will make the sentences structure perfect, the whole impression of the text grows a lot. Finally, the professional editor will check the word choices.

Proper academic writing is what you get from the reputable proofreading service. The good editing and formatting will help to get the text with proper verb tenses, proper informal language, right abbreviations, and etcetera. In the end, the text will correspond to all requirements and standards of academic writing. The editor will also provide the customer with the feedback with the general impression about the manuscript. Such a document will help to learn new about the specific academic writing.

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