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Date: September 10, 2018 Author: edu-reviews.com

A personal statement to a university is a kind of a business card of an entrant. After all, not all colleges hold interviews, and even if they do, they often go by phone. Therefore, the student faces a very important and serious task, to convince, without personal presence, the admission committee to accept him/her for the program.

How to prepare a good personal statement? One of the best ways is to use a personal statement review service that will be able to deliver a top-quality document that will get you in college.

Many students delay writing a statement until the last day before the final date of submission of documents. On the last night, a long-awaited essay is being born. But only those who possess the skill of written speech will succeed. Often the essays are written in a hurry and look more like a statement of facts than a well-founded and thoughtful motivation.

Writing services offer you a step-by-step guide or a simple plan that will help you correctly allocate time for writing motivation, and do not delay everything until the last minute.

Choosing speciality

The choice of a speciality for studying at the university is a very important stage. From choosing a speciality depends on the choice of the future profession and all life. If you correctly and judiciously approach the solution of this question, in the future this experience will help you substantiate your choice in motivational writing.

Read the university requirements for applicants

Very often students do not take into account the requirements of universities. Applicants either underestimate themselves or most often overestimate.

But the admissions committee does not make exceptions, especially if it concerns high rating universities, or receiving a scholarship. Therefore, it is very important to read all the requirements and prepare the statement that follows all the instructions.

Visit exhibitions, seminars, presentations

Visiting exhibitions, seminars, and university presentations will help you determine which students the university is looking for. How to properly prepare documents for admission? What should you write in a personal statement? The personal statement review service will help you answer all these questions and assist you with the preparation of this document.

Create a list of universities you plan to enrol in

At least 3 months before the deadline for submission of documents to the university admissions office, determine the educational institutions that you plan to enrol in. Be sure to share your experience of choosing an educational institution in your statement. This will give the impression that you have made a deliberate choice.

Write a draft

It is recommended to spend at least a week writing a draft. Once you have experience in choosing a speciality, searching for a university, and choosing an educational institution, you can easily begin writing a draft version of the letter of motivation, which includes the description of the first four steps.

You can answer the following questions in the statement:

  • Why did you choose a speciality, and how did you choose it?

  • Write that you have read the requirements of universities in this speciality and qualification. Justify, why or how do you meet the requirements of universities?

  • How did you choose the universities you want to enrol in (write that you attended seminars and exhibitions, searched for information on the internet)? What criteria did you take as a basis for choosing a university? Why did you select a particular university?

Don’t reread the draft immediately after writing. Write everything as is, write out the abstracts, separate sentences, and put the letter aside for a few days.

Consult with the teacher, parents, friends

It is important that in the process of writing a personal statement you receive an objective assessment of another person. It can be an English teacher, your friend or parents. You can also send a draft of motivation letters to a writing service. The consultant will be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the motivation letter and suggest how to structure the text correctly.


Check the corrected text, edit it. The type of a personal statement is very important. Especially if you provide a letter in text format. In general, universities want to see a motivation letter on 1 or 2 pages of A4, about 4,000 characters, but not more (47 lines). Highlight the paragraphs, they will help you structure the text. Pay attention to the font, it is desirable to use standard fonts, use only one font. The statement should be typed only in black.

Reread the text again, paying particular attention to grammar and the right use of words. Send your statement for editing to a writing service that will be able to review it and offer you a spotless variant.

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