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Date: September 10, 2018 Author: edu-reviews.com

A personal statement or a motivational essay for a college is an essay that usually is from 500 to 1,500 words, aimed at convincing the admission committee that the writer of the essay is the right candidate to study on the selected program.

In a motivational letter, the student defines his career objectives, tells about his qualities, and explains how the faculty for which he enrolls will assist him in his career and reaching life goals.

How to compose a personal statement?

You can either write a personal statement yourself following a detailed guide of every step or you can order a statement from a professional company that helps students with their statements. In order to find the best agency, look for the medical school personal statement review service.

Writing/checking personal statement for admission to colleges

A personal statement is one of the main components of your application to any university. This is the only chance to show yourself to the university as a person, and not as a set of figures and letters. A motivation letter for a college is not a paper on the topic of how good you are, active and cheerful. This is a paper on the most intimate – about the events that determined your occupation in life, turned your world upside down, and forced you to make a choice in favor of studying in college.

Often, in the requirements for the application form the university, you can see two common names – Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose. The first one (Personal Statement) is mainly used for admission to the baccalaureate. It is clear that at this stage of your life you do not have clear plans for the next 5–10 years, but there are already achievements, aspirations, and first results. This is what Personal Statement should be talking about.

Statement of Purpose is most often used for admission to the magistracy and postgraduate study of universities. Here you are expected to have a clear idea of who you want to become and where you want to be in 5–10 years of your life. You must show that studying at the university you choose is a prerequisite for achieving your goals.

Why is it important to give maximum attention to writing a personal statement?

Here is why you must give special attention to writing a personal statement:

  • The statement can completely change the decision of the selection committee in your favor. It can be used to explain the average low score or lack of work experience, as well as to prove that you are the best candidate for the program.

  • Your statement will certainly be read. Even though the universities receive about 250,000 applications per year, they carefully read two motivation letters that future students should write.

  • The most difficult thing is choosing the topic. A wrong choice of a topic that does not fully disclose you, can lead to a refusal to enroll in a university. That’s why writing agencies devote the maximum amount of time to find out the entrant and help them choose the best topic.

  • Many students write on the same topics – how important it is to study all the time, how they want peace in the whole world, etc. If your topic is similar, be prepared that you may be refused admission, since about a thousand such essays will come to the admission committee.

Entrust your personal statement to professionals

Using an educational online agency to prepare application documents for the university is the best decision when you need to prepare a medical school personal statement.

Such agencies help young people realize their ambitions through education, giving them access to the resources and experience of the experts.

Many modern companies work online, which means that you can work comfortably with them from your home. You’re guaranteed professionalism and confidentiality.

Cooperation with the medical school personal statement review service gives an opportunity:

  • To enroll in the best academic program in terms of your life and career goals. For you, this means a better educational experience, more professional opportunities, and potentially more earnings in the future.

  • To increase the chances of a scholarship. Talented people often do not know how to sell their achievements. The agencies identify the strengths of the candidates and help present them convincingly, increasing the chances of awarding the scholarship.

  • To save time and effort. Anyone who has tried to independently prepare a motivational essay, recommendation or resume knows that this is a long and painful process. Entrust this work to professionals. They have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to do this. You will be satisfied with the result.

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