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How to write a service review

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Date: September 10, 2018 Author: edu-reviews.com

Whenever people ask you to decide whether a particular service is good or bad and explain your reasoning on paper, you need to write an impressive evaluation or review. It’s a great type of writing for learning because you make decisions and use a helpful kind of thinking. How to write a service review correctly? Keep reading to find out more.

Before you get started

There are certain steps that should be taken to start writing a service review successfully:

  • Determine what to look at;

  • Decide what makes the chosen service good or bad.

The first thing you should do to start is deciding what aspects or criteria you will evaluate. With a service, look at customer reviews, ratings, prices, and other deciding factors. All you need to do is to sit down and figure out what to look at. Before deciding if a specific service a good or bad, decide what you mean and apply your standards to it.

How to do that

When you put your review together, follow a simple and effective format. Open it with the introduction that serves the following purposes:

  • Catches the attention of your audience;

  • Identifies the service you’ll review;

  • Identifies its provider, area, and other details if appropriate.

Next, you need to write a separate paragraph about every aspect that you examine. Ensure that it does the following:

  • Opens with a separate topic sentence that tells readers what it’s about;

  • Contains a few detailed sentences to prove your main point;

  • Includes strong examples to support your opinion.

End your review with a good conclusion that should:

  • Briefly restates your key ideas;

  • Recommends readers to choose the reviewed service or not;

  • Makes a logical judgment about it and tells them if it’s good or bad.

Helpful tips for writing a great service review

Your review should be polite, constructive, and detailed to be valuable to the audience and provide useful information. How to make it successful? Use these simple tips:

  • Give your constructive and unbiased feedback;

  • Be specific, honest, and useful;

  • Review a number of important elements, such as customer support;

  • Keep it friendly and civil;

  • Update your review when needed;

  • Proofread.

Give your constructive and unbiased feedback

A successful service review always contains enough information to provide others with a clear picture. Explain the factors that contributed to your negative or positive experience and offer your personal view on what a service provider does well and how it can improve. Stay courteous and friendly.

Review a number of important elements, such as customer support

Improve the relevance of your service review by describing your overall experience, including customer support. Tell readers how helpful your reviewed service is and focus on such basic elements as delivery options, quality, and others.

Be specific, honest, and useful

To end up with a good evaluation, try to be as specific as you can. Write it from your personal perspective, stick to clear facts, and keep it unbiased to help other people stand in your shoes.

Keep it friendly and civil

If your experience is negative, apply a credible approach and write your service review in a calm and informative manner. Explain what happened and leave readers to make their own conclusions.

Update your review when needed

Sometimes, you can edit your service reviews to reflect resolved problems or changed views, or it’s possible to write a new one if you have more experiences with the same provider. This is how you provide other consumers with a more complete picture of your opinion.


Ensure that your service review is readable, has no mistakes, and makes sense before publishing or submitting it. Many people leave different errors and typos in their reviews only because they fail to proofread.

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