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Date: September 10, 2018 Author: edu-reviews.com

It is quite difficult to find the book editor. Nowadays, it is a huge variety of editing services on the Internet, how to know that the one is better than the other? The industry of editing academic papers online grows in the last decade. Like it often happens with successful industries, the big number of scamming companies comes to the market. Scamming can be different – from offering the low-quality services to taking money for nothing. This can be really unpleasant for students; luckily, with the help of editing services reviews, it is possible to learn how to find the right service.

There can be a lot of differences between the editing services. However, there is a universal way of testing the editing company. This will help you to select the proper editing service for you. Editing is a significant part of the writing process. Often it is very difficult to make it without the professional writing help. When writing a book, you become too familiar with your manuscript. Finally, this leads to the fact that you cannot see the weak places that should be changed or cut. Moreover, sometimes you cannot even find the typos and other mistakes. All this can totally kill the sales, thereby, there is no sense to save on the professional editing.

When speaking about the editing services, you should learn more about:

  • Which types of editors and editing processes can be?

  • What is the tool of comparing two different editors?

  • The reviews about the editing service.

What are the types of editing services?

At first, it seems that all editing services do the same job. However, after a more careful look, the whole picture looks very different. You should learn the difference to make sure that you will get the proper service for your money. It is a fact that the different editing services offer very different services. This difference is based on their terms and conditions. Before you will start your cooperation with the writing firm, you should first clarify what exactly is included in the services that the company provides.

There are different levels of the cooperation with the editing service. While some the editing companies can provide all levels of editing, the others specialize on some exact type of editing. Make sure that you are hiring the service that offers the right editing stage to you. Here are the possible stages of editing:

  • Structural editing. This is a very important stage, especially in the expanded types of writing. The author usually keeps the text to close and cannot see the whole picture anymore. At the same time, the professional editor can look at the whole picture and find out what needs to be changed in the structure of the paper. They can identify the key issue, the general idea of the paper, an evaluate how effective it develops through the paper. If the editor doesn’t understand the main idea of the paper, he or she clarifies it first, and only after that start his working on the paper.

  • Stylistic editing. This stage of editing is aimed to create the right structure of words inside each senescence. The stylistic editor will recognize and work for the proper structure of sentences and paragraphs. The effective stylistic editor will make the book easy to read and to understand. The overall view of the paper changes a lot when all the sentences are correctly structured.

  • The grammar editing stage. The typos, grammar mistakes, confused words – all this may lower the impression of the paper to almost zero. Thereby, this editing stage is very important and works effectively for the paper. This stage sometimes is also called copyediting. The editor also checks the punctuation and the things like the internal consistency of facts. Sometimes this stage is the part of the stage of the stylistic editing.

  • The proofreading stage. If some of the previous stages of editing can be done by the author, then for this stage it is hardly recommended to hire the professional editor. At the very last level of editing, this stage is aimed to identify all the mistakes that can hide in the previous stages of editing. It is the revision of all editing stages.

Use the editing services reviews to clarify which of the stages of editing can the service offer and how effective they are. You can also use the professional help of editors to find our which editing stages your manuscript may need. It is very important because you can miss some of your mistakes and think about your manuscript better than it really is. However, the professional help can really fast clarify everything.

When selecting the proper service, you need to pay attention to skimpy details, such as the names of the papers provided. Such details help to identify the scammers because they are usually strong in creating the whole picture but fail during the detailed checking.

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