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Date: September 10, 2018 Author: edu-reviews.com

Writing a literature review can sometimes be a really challenging and time-consuming task. This kind of task consists of a critical discussion of all the information currently published around the particular idea, subject or topic. A strong literature review cannot be written on one source, it usually uses a range of high-quality journals and books. The goal of such paper is to develop a critical evaluation of the teams connected to the existing research. This is the key opportunity to demonstrate the academic skills of a student. The literature review is usually a part of the dissertation, so it identifies the future research opportunities.

Get the quality literature reviews

This kind of writing is pretty complicated, so many students use the writing service to comply with it. Our company is one of the best dissertation literature review services. If you are stuck during writing the paper, our expert writers can help you to solve the problem. We can do everything – from finding suitable sources for the review to constructing the detailed and clear evaluation of the themes in research. The final draft will be a perfect foundation for dissertation or some other larger piece of work. There are several important elements for a perfect literature review, our experts will include them all to your paper:

A key issue of the paper

The topic, or the key issue – is what the review is about. Every literature review should be centered around the key issue. This element is highly important for students because it helps to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the topic. This is especially important when you are going to use the literature review as a part of the future expanded assignment, such as a dissertation. If not, this helps to fill the gap in the existing knowledge.

Strong literature base

To make a strong literature review, you need a proper base of literature. The paper cannot be written in just a few sources. The other thing to provide the powerful literature review is to create the clear narrative around the key issue. You cannot just list the sources, one after another. When writing a literature review, you should also pick the time period and review the sources only from this point of view. They should be of high quality; use only the sources you can trust. Finally, you should light the alternative theories and viewpoints in the review.

Thoughtful and clear discussion

To write an in-depth literature review, you need to build a clear line of argument. This can also be a discussion. To build the argumentation, it is important to collect the current academic opinions about the issue from many different writers (or theorists). Once you collect the material, you need to compare and contrast the details. Show the most relevant thoughts from the least. In the end, you should decide which sources make the most significant contributions to the development and understanding of the issue.

The analysis of finding in the review

Once you have collected the suitable sources in your review, you can evaluate them and build the clear line of discussion. After that, you can analyze and interpret the overall findings. You should do this to paint the overall picture of the current academic thinking of the issue being discussed. Mention the viewpoints that all critics agree and those which raise different opinions in the academic discussion. Since the review is the first step to writing a dissertation, here you should also mention the places that need your scientific work. Show that there are some white spots that you can cover.

The clear and defined structure of the paper

It is important to create an organized literature review because this will guarantee that the reader will easily follow that existing discussion (which is the goal of the review). There are different options on organizing the review – for example by date or by theme. In the thirst case, you will show the oldest first, then the latest. If you organize the text by theme, you can identify the potential problems and mention the potential solutions with the help of different sources. If there are any problems with that, our expert editors can find the best option of organizing for you.

Avoid stresses which are guaranteed

Writing the literature review can be a really stressful thing unless you ask for a professional writing help. Luckily, our service is one of the best dissertation literature review services. Our professional writers will guarantee you:

  • 100% Plagiarism Free papers. We will reference every source perfectly according to the required referencing style

  • The prompt delivery. We know how important to get the paper on time is. We guarantee you the prompt delivery. If we're late, you will get a refund.

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