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Date: September 06, 2018 Author: edu-reviews.com

There are several reasons why many college students need to hire a writing agency. They read college writing service reviews to find the best balance of price, quality, safety, and confidentiality. Anyway, here are the reasons why students hate college writing:

  • No one really tells them how to write papers effectively

  • The lack of time to write the paper

  • Non-native English speakers face difficulties with the college papers

No one really tells them how to write papers effectively

The teacher just gives the assignments and gives no clear instructions on how to perform it properly. This leads to the situation when the student doesn’t know how to complete the paper. This is totally different comparing to such papers as the research paper, case study, presentation, and etcetera. In any other format of academic writing, the teacher gives the clear requirements on how to provide the paper. In college writing, you are on your own with the problem and you never get the point

The lack of time to write the paper

There’s absolutely no time to write a paper in college. Students need to do a lot of homework, and at the same time, they need to attend classes. If it was just one paper, then you will be able to cope with it at the highest level for sure. There would be no problem to write the college essay if there were enough time. Unfortunately, students get multiple assignments within a week. To meet deadlines, you often need a miracle (or a professional writing help)

Non-native English speakers face difficulties with the college papers

Despite the fact that it is more difficult for non-native speakers to compile the paper, the professors accept no excuses. Thereby, such students often ask for a professional writing help. Non-native speakers cannot compete with native speakers. The only chance sometimes to get the high result is to order papers online.

How to select a high-quality paper writing company?

There are the signs that differ the best paper writing companies from scamming agencies. Here are the things you need to pay attention to find the proper writing agency:

  • The website’s design of the company. This is not the final truth, because the low-quality services sometimes have the eye-catching websites. However, in some cases, the good design of the website is the sign of the overall reliability of a company. Check its usability – the ordering form, the communication form, the chat. If you will sign the company, it should be useful for you to work with it

  • The website’s content. Learn more about what the company tells about it to learn your rights as a customer. Read more about the pricing policy, the revisions, the confidentiality and the money back guarantee. The information about the company should be transparent. If the company hides something, then this is a bad sign

  • Pay attention to the list of services. Learn more about what services do the company offers and how are they connected to the qualification of the writing team. Don’t be lazy to read some of the samples to understand the general level of papers that the service can provide to you

  • Read the blog of the website. If the company uses it only to advertise its offers, this is not good. The blog should help customers to cooperate effectively, it should open on questions that arise.

  • The prices of the services. The prices cannot below, because the custom writing is time-consuming. The professional writer will not do his job for free. Thereby, the paper writing will be not cheap. If the essay writing service offers cheap papers, they are probably not qualitative. Some of such scamming services even sell plagiarized papers.

The customer support of the company

The quality of the customer support shows a lot about the company that provides it. If it works, then the company works well. If nobody answers the chat, then you should never sign the company. Thereby, before placing the order on writing, always try the support chat. The company should also have the phone that works on working hours. Try to call to see if the support team answers you. Make sure that it will be comfortable for you to work with the company.

Why are some of the companies scamming?

Many companies that use an aggressive marketing strategy can still provide not bad essays. However, such marketing strategy is more popular between the scamming companies than between the reputable services. If the prices are low and there is no support, then you probably should stay away from the writing services. Here are the features of the scamming writing company:

  • Satellite websites (they double the information from the main website)

  • Fake essay reviews to catch new customers

  • No support working by chat or phone

  • Low prices that cannot be for the custom writing.

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