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Date: September 06, 2018 Author: edu-reviews.com

If you’re going to hire a professional from a review service, you have to make sure you’re choosing the best agency. Selecting a reliable service will guarantee meaningful, quick, and thorough feedback as a result. There are many college essay review services that offer assistance to students in reviewing their essays. Their prices are competitive, and you need to choose the agency that fits your needs the most.

Advantages of using writing services

Some of the advantages of using writing services to review your college essays include:

  • Moderate prices. It will cost you $69 for proofreading a 600-word essay and $149 for a full critique including proofreading.

  • Most agencies give you the opportunity to choose the editor. If you know who you want to work with, contact the editor directly.

  • Editors that work at writing services are real professionals in their field and they know how to properly proofread essays providing detailed feedback on the text.

  • Fast delivery. You will get a review for your paper within 48 hours for the standard fee. If you need your review urgently within 24 hours you can pay an extra $59 for the service.

Why is it better to choose an essay review service?

When you prepare an essay, your goal is to impress your college counselor or English teacher. The person in the admissions office who is going to read your essay and compare it to many others is the only individual that matters. If you write an essay to university it is important to create a strong document in order to present yourself in the best possible way.

Personal essays play the most important role in the application process in addition to your standardized test scores and GPA. It is very difficult to write an essay that would sell you to someone in the admissions office. If your essay contains errors or any inaccuracies, you may lose your chance to get into your dream college or to win a scholarship.

Therefore, in order to avoid failures, it is recommended to use college essay review services that would professionally review your essay before you submit it to college. This will ensure that the essay is properly proofread and does not contain any mistakes and the text is potent.

Reviewing your essay on your own

Once you’re completely done writing your work, you may feel that you are close to the ideal and your work is a masterpiece.

However, you can make your text even better before sending it to the admissions office or your counselor. The first thing you need to do is to put your work aside for a couple of days. This will help you to look at it later with a fresh insight and find the imperfections you didn’t notice before.

When commencing proofreading, don’t get stuck in the process. You may feel that your work is no good and it needs a lot of corrections or rewriting at all. If you notice that you can’t move forward and you keep proofreading your text over and over again, it is better to use the writing services that would review your essay for you and offer you a great feedback.

It is necessary to follow the effective techniques to make sure that the proofreading process is going fine. Here some ways to do it right. First, begin with the most extensive questions. You need to concentrate on the logical organization of the text and then on typos and other errors. Therefore, before you change your paper, do the following:

  • Improve the logical organization of the text. Make sure that the manuscript has an entry, the ending, and a few points.

  • Check the intro and the ending. Review the introduction and the final part. Keep in mind that the main purpose of the intro is to attract the readers to the subject and present the theme. In conclusion, it is necessary to summarize briefly what you have already described, making sure your work is complete.

  • Reconsider your thesis. Read the last sentence in your intro. This should be your statement of the thesis. Does it look like the logical point of the whole project? Does the paper meet the requirements that you have outlined in your thesis?

  • Supplement transitions between paragraphs.

Applying Microsoft Word Shortcuts

If you decided to review your paper on your own, but you don’t where to begin, using the text editor is a great choice.

  • Look through the sentences using Microsoft Word. The underlining in red points to problems with spelling or grammar, while green underscores mistakes with the punctuation. Don’t count too much on the editor as it can make worse mistakes sometimes.

  • Use the Search function to find the mistakes and the words that are mistyped.

  • Eliminate unnecessary spaces. Use the Search feature, remove double spaces.

Using the internet

Use Google Translate to listen to your text by copying it there. You will get a new look at your work and it will be easier to identify inaccuracies in logic, as well as other inconsistencies in the text.

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