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Academic proofreading services reviews

When selecting the writing company, it is very important to search through academic proofreading services reviews. Get such reviews on outsource websites. Academic proofreading services reviews

Unfortunately, we know that many of the proofreading services online disappoint their clients with the quality provided, or even outright scam. Quite often we meat clients who tell the story about how they were outright scammed with the service they received from some proofreading service provider. We feel very bad about this, because such actions give a bad influence to a whole industry, not only one firm.

Make a careful check of the service before selecting it

Thereby, we understand when clients worry about ordering proofreading services online and try to help with our advice. You can use our list of considerations for your choice and find more confidence in your actions. When you are selecting the proofreading firm, you should make sure that it is both:

  • Safe in financial terms
  • Provides a high privacy and reliable in all meanings
  • Providing a quality service for its clients.

Find the service that is useful for you

When you are selecting the proofreading service, it is important to make a list of options first. To not be left disappointed with your selection, it is important to check each option on its connection to five main characteristics. Here are the characteristics that you should check:

  • The costs of the proofreading service
  • Independent reviews from previous clients
  • The company registration
  • The confidentiality and security policies
  • Available payment options.

Make sure that it fits your budget

Surely, the first question that interests all students is the question of budget of the proofreading. You should consider costs of the service even before you will check the other characteristics. It is absolutely normal to want to find a firm that is affordable for the budget. However, you should not be attracted to any firm that appear a little too cheap.

For example, usually it takes up to one hour to complete 1,000 words (if we are talking about proofreading) to a good standard. Thereby, when you are asking yourself about whether a price is too good to be true, try to imagine, how much it will be for an hour of work. If the potential professional editor is going to work for free, then probably this is not true, and the firm is outright scamming you.

The price may be low also when the editor is inexperienced or under-qualified. The other option is when the editor works very fast and will rush through the document. All this can be done only at the expense of the quality of your paper. Surely, all this is not an option for you.

Pay attention to independent reviews from previous clients

The reviews from previous clients is the best way to make sure that the firm is reliable and offers qualitative services. Use Google search to provide some links to academic proofreading services reviews. The simple “company name + review” search can give you a lot of useful information.

To get reliable information, it is important to look for externally hosted articles and reviews. Make sure that such reviews are places on websites, not owned by the target firm. A lot of positive testimonials is a good sign. However, if there are no reviews on the internet – this is the same bad sign as a lot of negative ones.

What the perfect proofreading service will do

When you are selecting the proper proofreading service, you should pay attention to what exactly it offers to its clients. Basically, the advices on the manuscript can be divided into three groups:

  • Those which connected to the proper academic writing of the manuscript. Native speakers should help with such components of the manuscript as informal language, verb tenses, numbers, and abbreviations
  • The general picture of the text – well-constructed and flawless sentences. Native speaking editor should improve the language of whole text, to make it look professional and easy to read. This should include everything from sentence structure to typos and spelling. The word choice should be also under careful attention
  • Those advices that are connected to a personal attitude of the editor. Such personal feedback always gives useful tips to the client that she or her can use or not. In any case, this will help to improve the writing, and not only – to learn something new.

The native speaker will help your text to meet the standards of academic writing and avoid sloppy mistakes. In the end, your manuscript will meet all language requirements and standards. When selecting the proper academic proofreading service, it is important to select those service, which offers personal attitude.

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